About me

Asian Wedding Photography is an art form in itself. J Dhillon is an indian photographer who has become renowned for crafting the most beautiful Asian events into the most stunning photographic memories.

Renowned as an artistic Asian wedding photographer in and out of the UK, J Dhillon’s photography complements every glimpse of your special day, capturing the best of your most spectacular of moments.

Asian Weddings are his passion.

Loving what you do is important for any artist, but J Dhillon excels beyond that. Synonymous with passion, desire and energy, his wedding photography represents how important the core values of each and every Asian wedding is to him.

An Indian photographer with your values.

Highly acclaimed for his work, J Dhillon captures the very essence of your Asian wedding as illustrated by his photography. Without imposing, compromising and without complexity, J Dhillon is fully dedicated to making sure you will be able to rel-live your day time and time again.

J Dhillon is familiar with your culture, your traditions and your values. He wishes to be a part of your celebrations and create a storytelling album, which documents each smile, each laugh, each tear and every moment of your wedding day.

A Hindu, Muslim & Sikh Wedding Photographer.

Specialising in Hindu, Muslim and Sikh ceremonies, J Dhillon understands the importance of every nuance of your wedding, ensuring that the most spectacular of moments will never be forgotten. Consistent with your values, his passion for Asian wedding photography will surpass your expectations, whether Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. His tranquil and professional approach allows you to embrace the moments of true happiness and celebration: bringing images of beauty to the forefront of your Asian wedding.

A Style of Photography to suit your Asian Wedding.

J Dhillon adopts a photojournalistic, contemporary documentary and chic style of photography, which can be tailored to compliment the style of your Asian wedding. He draws inspiration from your traditions, culture and ceremony to reflect the essence of your wedding.

Please take a moment to browse through J Dhillon's featured work. We would love to speak to you about your wedding requirements and how can capture these important memories.